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Chemicals for Effluent Treatment

Lady-in-Testing-LabEffluent Solutions Ltd provides an extensive product range to solve almost any situation that might arise on an effluent plant. More than that we can provide environmentally acceptable products from our Envirosol range that have minimal impact on the environment.

These products enable you to recycle or have your waste sludge from food factories sent for animal feed. This is a considerable saving in disposal costs. If this is not feasible we supply extremely competitively priced products from our Ecosol range most notably ferrous and ferric chloride, ferric sulphate and Poly-Aluminium Chloride (PAC)..

Our oil free flocculants enable you to treat with the knowledge you are not discharging oil with your effluent.

Our concentrated lime product means you will have performance benefits over caustic soda as well as reducing health and safety issues.