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Vegetable extract coagulants

Produced from tree bark these coagulants are extremely effective, particularly on F.O.G. Produces much lower sludge volumes than metal coagulants. Sludge can go to animal feed.

Coagulants from crustaceans

Many applications for these coagulants; effluents with high fat, starch, protein, dewatering of sludges and for flocculation of algae in swimming pools and ponds.

Concentrated lime suspension

Do away with dangerous caustic soda. This concentrated lime product gives heavier flocs than caustic, quicker settlement and better clarification. Better COD removal and dewatering of filter cake are achieved. Very cost competitive against caustic with stable pricing.

Oil free polymers

Emulsion polymers without the oil content of standard emulsion products for sensitive applications. Excellent for biological sludges. Do not require expensive make down units.

Metal precipitants

Wide range of products for removal of chelated metals for effluent.