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Effluent Treatment Services

calbration-of-control-equipment-003As well as our main area of business in the supply of effluent treatment chemicals, Effluent Solutions Ltd also provide a wide range of services to provide a complete package to our customers.

  • Dosing pumps 
  • Polymer preparation units 
  • pH and redox electrodes and controllers 
  • Flowmeters
Calibration and dosing pump maintenance service

We supply a service programme to calibrate pH and redox control equipment. We can also maintain dosing pumps.


Very competitively priced storage tanks for chemical or effluent.

New treatment plant projects

With our experience in the industry we can work with you in providing new treatment plants due to our close connections with established treatment plant suppliers.

Biological treatment plants

To augment our supply of biological solutions we can call in industry experts if the situation dictates. This has worked extremely well for two of our customers.